Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Greatest Test ::Part V::

So for this entry, I'll share our experience of handling Syakir for his 2nd operation for stoma closing. After almost 3 months of living with stoma bag at his tummy, finally we've made into decision the date for Syakir for his stoma closing (and end of my leave. oh! i love to be with my baby, seeing him growing up. Alhamdulillah for this opportunities). After few follow-ups, we finally chosen May 10th, 2012 as the date for Syakir's 2nd operation. We were asked to be admitted on May 8th, prior to the surgery date as the paed surgeon in-charge wanted to observe Syakir's condition before the surgery performed.

We reached at Gleneagles around 1500H after we had our lunch. After the admission procedure done, which took a lil longer as we had to wait for a single room, as written in paed surgeon's admission letter. The hospital quite packed dan bilik memang asyik full but we had made prior 'check-in' so memang dah ada bilik cumanya the patient before tak selesai discharge lagi. Lastly, we were given a 2-bed room with a guarantee that no other person will be in. So, as we admitted, Syakir's paed surgeon come to pay him a visit (we pay, she visit, lol).

Syakir having his hydration salt drink as he needed to fast cor at least 12 hours. So from 1800H, Syakir had his last feeding from me, for the time being. Lepas pada tu hydration salt sahaja. At first mcm ok but things got worst bila Syakir nak tidur. He wasn't at ease bila tak dapat feeding. It's really took me down, hearing Syakir nangis nak menyusu and I can't. Puaslah abahnya memujuk and I left the room as we tried to calm him down. But we get him cry even louder. Aduh, so the last resort, i took my wrap and carry him around to comfort and calm him down.

We barely got to sleep as Syakir only calmed down after he got really tired crying his lung out. Tidur dalam 2  jam then bangun lagi. Pujuk lagi till 0300H and he woke up at 0600 when we got himself prepare before we going in the OT at 0800H. We played around and he seems so happy despite the hunger his holding. Kesian asyik nak menyusu. Around 0730H semua dah ready so we pushed the cot to the OT and I hold him. We snapped a pic together before and I brought him into the OT waited till the doctor put him into deep sleep.

Then we went back to our room, get a quick nap, perform Dhuha and recite Yaasin. We waited only few minutes and I can't just stay in the room. We waited at the lounge and around 1100H the nurse called upon us as Syakir has been taken to the rehabilitation area. Not long after, we pushed together the cot he's sleeping in to our room back. Alhamdulillah, no more ICU. As we arrived, abah is already at Ward 4A's door. I know and believe at any moment and everytime I am in need of support, Abah and Mak will always by my side. Syakir was unconscious when we arrived our room. Not longer after, Cik Nuar arrived with Aunty Hanim.

We had some kind of problem with the air-conditioner of the room till we need a stand fan for Syakir to be comfort. Apa lagi, Cik Nuar get us transfered as soon as possible. He went around to complaint regarding the matter and after an hour and a half we moved to a better room. Thank you Cik Nuar.

Syakir was unconscious back then. His small body penuh berselirat wayar, devastating indeed. Felt no strength at all but I knew, I must not showed my sadness and weaknesses in front of him. I burst into tears while looking at him, menangis saya semahunya, airmata keluar macam paip rosak tak boleh tutup. I don't wanna cry but what happened is against what I'm thinking. It took me for awhile, untuk saya menangis sepuasnya and then saya tanamkan azam dalam hati to start and keep smiling once he opened his eyes. This is Syakir after 2 days of operation, ada hati nak bngun dan bermain. It wasn't easy to keep him calm without holding him tight and snuggle. Let alone to keep the tube and wires, mencabar sungguh. But at least, he wasn't warded in ICU.

Syakir mula kentut a day after the operation, Alhamdulillah. He passed his bowel on the second day after the operation, Alhamdulillah. Tapi masa tu, sedih sangat (ibu Syakir ia quite a drama) sebab he seems didn't realized what he did and selalu terkejut bila diproses membuang lampin yang kotor. Oh ya, forgot to mentioned, Syakir terus berkhatan. So nak jaga luka khatan and pada masa yg sama nak avoid luka dari kena najisnya. The first few, all that put is dark black, mcm meconium pulak tgk nya. Dan sgt cair, kesian Syakir as he seems sangat terkejut and terpinga-pinga bila I wash him up. And it happened few times within half day which indicating a great point. He's intestine is doing their work again, greatly. 

Dalam bertiub tu ada hati nak main lagi, so layan jer. Again, he seems so interested with the tube attached to his nose and up into his tummy. Jenuh ibu control tangan dia. Alhamdulillah, after 3 days, his corcumcision scar dah baik n kering. After the fourth, Syakir dah dicabut tubes n wires.

This is how we stole the time, watching barney, upin ipin, sesame street or singing together. We were discharged on May 18th. Alhamdulillah, Syakir showed a rapid recovery and his inner part working and operating well. We were left behind those scars. 

The plaster totally put after 2 weeks and Syakir finally back to school, opps, to nursery in a month after 2nd procedure performed. Will add up some more as this entry being too delayed.

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