Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wrap Description

When one says a wrap is moldable, or knots easily, bouncey, dense, airy, what does one mean? it is mostly subjective, but there is a bit of geekery involved. I copied this info from here and there, courtesy to my sifu. (she know who she is)

Thick? It's mostly a feel in hands kind of thing, but I also think in my mind weight comes into play. Tapi tebal/nipis atau ringan/berat ini sangat subjektif dan bergantung kepada preference of individuality.

Thin? Again, a feel in hand kind of issue. But there are clearly wraps that fit this. Agave is the first that comes to mind. Graphite and Kupfer cashmeres too. Mungkin yang mudah diikat and made a smaller knot boleh consider as thin wrap.

  • up to 160 g/m2: very thin
  • 160-190 g/m2: thin
  • 190-220 g/m2: medium
  • 220-250 g/m2: thick
  • 250 g/m2 and up: very thick
Bouncy? The amount of "give" a wrap has. you jiggle up and down a bit with your baby on your back they'll bounce up and down but it'll come back into place, not start to sag. I'd say 'bouncy'. Selalunya bila saya backcarry Syakir, especially with Double-hammock tying knot, saya akan letakkan Syakir setinggi mungkin di belakang, when I've wrapped Syakir then I'd bounce a little before make it neat. Kadang-kadang macam habit jugak tapi it gave me more comfort.

Diggy? Rasa 'diggy' happened when we carry our bubs and we felt the stretch/sakit on the shoulder. It's might because the type of carrier (sesuai ke tidak dengan berat/besar anak) atau pun kekemasan semasa mengikat wrap. Saya dipesan oleh tok guru saya, jgn terlalu ketat rail di atas supaya bahu tidak mendapat tekanan.

Cushy? The opposite of diggy. I need to not feel pressure points on my shoulders to say something is cushy. softness on the shoulders. almost a "padded" feeling.

Supportive? I think wraps I can do one layer carries in successfully/comfortably with my toddler would be most supportive to me. Saggage is the opposite of support. I can wear my toddler for a decent amount of time with no pain either during or after.

Moldable? A wrap that wraps easily and doesn't make me feel like I have to "fight" with it to wrap. No loose rails or edges, easily adjustable. I can make a fashionable, skin tight shirt out of a DH carry, I'd say it's moldable. wraps like a 2nd skin close to me.

Dense? Opposite of airy. Not see through. Tightly woven threads.

Airy? Opposite of dense.  (sorry, I actually didn't notice airy was next when I answered the dense question  ) Waves weave is airy to me. I can feel air passing through it.

Dense/Airy: I think this is somewhat subjective, although it could be quantifiable. (Warning: Nerd Alert Ahead) If you were able to get exact measurements of the surface area of a wrap and the exact weight of the wrap, you could probably calculate the density with accuracy. I don't have the tools or the time for that, though. I can generally tell a dense wrap from an airy wrap by feeling the fabric in my hand

Silky? Fluid feeling in my fingers. The kind of soft where it almost doesn't feel like you're touching anything.

Grippy? harder to wrap as it sticks to itself but stays put once there because of that. if my DH back passes are tough to slide over each other, the wrap is a bit grippy to me.

Slippery?slips into place easily but have to knot tight or it slips back out again. Prone to any tight-pulled pass like the 2nd pass of double hammock popping the bum out as it glides over itself so much. If the wrap can't hold a slip knot, it's slippery to me.

Floofy to me is the missing component of thick/thin. Something can feel thick in hand, but not be all that heavy or dense, so to me that would mean 'floofy' - puffy, so it FEELS thick, or maybe even wraps thicker than it is since it has trapped air between threads.

Flannelly? Soft in a sort of fuzzy way. Very snuggly (I use this interchangably with "blankety). Feels like a flannel shirt or blanket. Soft, kind of fuzzy, and has a warmth to it.

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