Monday, September 29, 2014

Babywearing - FB Status #5

PSA on Babywearing:
I had a simple conversation with few friends, whom have been wearing their baby and those who are about to, about what's best carrier to own. Is there any carrier that fit from newborn till toddler? It's simple, would you let you baby wear their newborn clothes as them approaching toddlerhood? If yes, then come back to me to discuss 'the' carrier.
And, the convo went on for an affordable carrier. Which to choose? Few come to me to discuss, will Batik be a good, affordable carrier?
My point:
1. Batik used by our domestic helper and even our ancestor during early days. It's heritage, yes. And it could never be wrong to appreciate our heritage. BUT, quoting from few dear friend in babywearing world, will you be using a Beca or Sampan, for daily use to work? Every single day, wherever you are living, real life. What's your answer, it's your choice.
2. Batik is being made to be a clothing fabric, which mean, it's created not to hold a weight or tension from weight. There will always be a wear-and-tear sign of Batik when you are using it frequently. Hence, the risk of unfortunate event increasing when using Batik as your baby carrier compared to a simple piece of cloth made especially to hold weight of a baby. It's total different in the weaving pattern, the thread used, the dyes and whatnot.
3. The Batik is considered a thin piece of cloth (even a thin baby carrier or known as wrap is thicker) so it may resulting saggy when using and the need to un-tie and re-tie. Giving the digginess effect? What the big deal with it? It contributes to the backache of the wearer, muscle pain and discomfort for shoulder. Don't ever blame on babywearing or the heavy toddler when you choose the most non-recommended carrier that is Batik, when you suffering backpain, lower backache or shoulder pain etc. The cloth is not made to uphold weight. Fullstop.
4. Keep on researching, reading and asking. I read from a discuss with the old timers (I called them Otais Babywearer) that if, and only IF, you ever needed to use Batik (emergency, last resort option), get a Batik Cap or Batik Lukis 100% cotton. Why? This type of batik is made to withstand heat of the wax so it won't easily destroyed. Batik silk is definitely NO NO. And no to machine woven Batik. Why? They can be slippery and causing safety hazard. AND, only for smaller/lighter baby. Because batik can easily ripped off and risking towards unfortunate events.
Disclaimer : I am never suggesting Batik for a normal, relax day of wearing. ONLY EMERGENCY. EMERGENCY. MAYDAY. MAYDAY
5. A Batik can be easily bought everywhere and it won't cost you a bomb. But, if a Batik that can cost you more than RM100, I would suggest you to save that same amount of money for a couple of months (4 months is quite good) and get a decent, safer woven wrap carrier from our local vendor which are easily accessible.
I could take a horse to a pond but I can never forced it to drink the water from the pond. I have tried and this writing is solely based on my experienced wearing my 8 months baby weighing approx. 9-10 kg in a long 4m Batik with double layer carrier (as per my picture). I am not following any suits but to my least experience in wearing. Ciao!!

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