Saturday, August 16, 2014

Food Spotting ~ YusGreatIdea~

Ok, let's talk about, been living in Putrajaya sebelum ni kedai kek dok nampak Secret Recipe and Baker's Cottage je..tapi after an extensive research (gitteww ayat!) for my baby's 2nd birthday, jumpa 1 baker in Putrajaya, living specifically in Precint 17. My boy's first birthday gigih tempah dkt Bangi ok..

Disebabkan kegilaan anak masa tu adalah Olaf, maka tema kek dia pun's a choc cake oreo with choc ganache as finishing...My son and I memang sgt puas hati, thank you for giving that priceless happiness Yusra..

My shy guy

And then, I undoubtedly, repeat another order of cake dari Yusra especially for my boss on her retirement..Her favourite is carrot cake so this is.. And all my colleagues were so delightful sbb nampak figurine look so alike our boss, mmg trademark dia pakai brooch labuh gitu tawww!! and the cake's taste? Unquestionable *ada ke perkataan tu?* even the big bosses and higher level boleh ask for next piece...


And recent order was for Raya Celebration...A red velvet cake and I need no word to describe further..

Search for Yus Great Idea blog or FB. Nak tempah macam2 kek ada; birthday, wedding, engagement, coklat, cookies or even baking class...Highly recommended...I love to let her explore and experimenting her own idea in spite giving too details on the detail of cake I wanted..She's truly creative..

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