Thursday, April 11, 2013

Motherhood Expo Midvalley Megamall 5-7 April '13

Last week, Syakir wasn't feeling good. We initially planned for a trip to Pangkor but had to cancel to let Syakir get the best rest. Hari Sabtu hari mengemas rumah till Syakir asked his abah, "Abah, yayan" ibu n abah pengsan dgr syakir's request.

So, we decided to get to motherhood expo to get Syakir's essential supplies as well as to 'yayan'. Sampai Midvalley around 1030 and parking wasn't a hassle. As we reached the expo hall, they were calling for participants for crawling contest sponsored Cobyhaus. Apa lagi, cepat2 daftarkan syakir as their age limit is 24 months. First round went swiftly, Syakir tidak menerima saingan even dgn budak sebaya dia n ibu pun tak sempat snap his pic or record his move. Proceeded to final round and again, tak sempat record pun *itu camera dah on

Then, we went for our lunch. It's Sushi day and Syakir really enjoyed eating with chopsticks.

Afterwards, we went back to the expo hall for babywearing talk as a support to spread the love. The talk by Rita Rahayu, one of our famous Lactation Counsellor. Sempat interprem tau..

It's how our weekend spent, happy always..

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