Wednesday, June 16, 2010

word of the day

pas·sé – 2 entry found

Main Entry: pas·sé

Pronunciation: \pa-ˈsā\

Function: adjective

Etymology: French, from past participle of passer

Date: 1775

1 : past one's prime
2 a : outmoded b : behind the times


Pronunciation: \ˌpas-pər-ˈtü, -ˌpär-\

Function: noun

Etymology: French, from passe partout pass everywhere

Date: 1675

1 : master key
2 a : 5mat b : a method of framing in which a picture, a mat, a glass, and a back (as of cardboard) are held together by strips of paper or cloth pasted over the edges
3 : a strong paper gummed on one side and used especially for mounting pictures

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