Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My baby's Activities

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang,

Aku mulakan tulisanku sekali lagi selepas bertangguh. Few more drafts to be post any soonest. Writing about my son has always been my favorite.

To date, it's his 2nd week of schooling, playschool I mean. I always wanted to homeschool my son but Allah knows better, plan the best for us rather than what we wanted.

We started schooling Akir when he showed some interest in learning. It was at his 7th months. After weeks admitted in hospital, he showed something that I knew I can't put it on granted. He loves to flip books, listen to music and looking at things. Alhamdulillah, during his admitted time, he was given few interesting learning items, thanks a lot to his sweet grannies and aunts.

He showed tonnes of interest into books
At the age of 7 months (Nov 2011)

But, we do believe that schooling is not all about books. We brought him to zoo, aquaria, bird park and many other outdoors activities.

We did anything that he enjoyed and we don't force nor put a certain target for him to achieve. We make sure he is actively participating in physical activities as we've observed that the most activities he loves.

We let him eat by himself at the age of 1. It is good for his motor skill development as well.


We let him choose his own books. Yes, we did involved him in almost of our activities, treat him as much as we could.

 We introduced him to swimming at the age of 6 months. Akir played football at his age of a year.

He did read even in the shop

And many other activities with we think (and him showed interest) that might suits him.

Will update more, insyaAllah.

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