Sunday, January 9, 2011

::25 weeks::

You are now 25 weeks pregnant (or in your 26th week if that's how you prefer to count it).

How your baby's growing

The baby now weighs nearly 1.5 pounds / 660 grams and is approximately 13.5 inches / 35 centimetres long from crown to heel. Your baby's beginning to make some breathing movements, though there's no air in her lungs as yet. But her senses are developing fast. At 26 weeks, foetal brain scans show that babies respond to touch and if you shine a light on your abdomen, your baby will turn her head, which researchers say shows that the optic nerve is functioning.

He makes breathing movements but has no air in his lungs yet. At 26 weeks, foetal brain scans show response to touch. If you shine a light on your abdomen, your baby will turn his head, which according to researchers, means his optic nerve is working.

At every antenatal visit, your doctor will take your blood pressure and do tests on a sample of your urine. In this way, pregnancy-related conditions such as pre-eclampsia and diabetes can be detected and treated.

How your life's changing

Your fingers, wrists and hands may be feeling achy and numb. The carpal tunnel in the wrist is swollen, as are many other tissues in your body. Nerves that run through the tunnel end up pinched, creating pressure that manifests itself as shooting or burning pain. Wearing a brace may help; so will taking vitamin B6. Talk to your doctor about other ways to cope. Find out about natural remedies for numb or achy fingers.

Sleep may not feel that restful any more if you're having vivid or scary dreams. These are normal because when you sleep, your subconscious becomes the stage for any worries about pregnancy and impending motherhood. Your growing bump may also make it hard to get into a comfortable position. It's recommended that you get into the habit of sleeping on your side rather than your back - follow our tips for using pillows as wedges.

Thinking ahead

Many pregnant women worry about whether they will be able to birth their babies vaginally - a perfectly natural concern, particularly if it is your first. Take heart, there are some excellent positions for labour you can try which not only help your cervix to dilate during contractions but will also encourage the baby to move down the birth canal when the time comes. Using these positions along with established childbirth techniques such as breathing, massage and natural pain relief will increase your chances of a normal delivery.

Pregnancy tip: constipation cure

To ease constipation, add oat bran to anything you can think of such as cereal, yogurt, or even spaghetti sauce. And drink lots too

Things to consider

  • Have a beauty treatment for some mid-pregnancy pampering - you deserve it!
  • Try to keep to a healthy eating plan. Your baby's nutritional demands are highest in the last three months.
  • Book a TENS machine (may be available from your hospital or antenatal class instructor) if you want to use one in labour.
  • Who will care for baby when you go back to work? Babysitters and relatives are popular choices for Malaysian women.
  • Will your baby sleep on the floor or in a sarung?

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